About Us

Creative Process / Conceptualization

Sometimes visualizing a great idea can be challenging. Having help through this process can alleviate the stress and worry of something going wrong. We will guide you through every step from proper material selection to best construction ideas and practices.

Design & Develop

Red Rivet Design uses modern day principles that create intentional, meaningful products and spaces. All design projects are conceived and developed in a 3D CAD environment. Drawings and concepts are meticulously crafted and revised until a master plan is produced. Not one screw, bolt, or board gets purchased until the final drawing is complete.

Quality Build & Construction

Our aim is to strive for quality in our craftsmanship that reaches beyond the final product. It is our hope that our work will not only inspire but enrich the lives of every individual who encounters it regardless of project type, scope, or location. We have a passion for modern craftsmanship and want to make your project have a long and lasting impact on every life it touches.

Dream Big

Get Inspired

Red Rivet is passionate about Modern design and creating a beautiful bespoke feel in anything we make. From modern furniture pieces to entire homes and landscapes. This site will feature all the latest work of Red Rivet Design. Visit the site often for the latest updates.

If your looking for a custom designer/builder who can conceptualize and bring your thoughts to a reality then you've come to the right place.